2018 Secret Santa Roundup

The year has come to a close, but more importantly than uni being over and the time for eating way too much food being upon us, the gifts from the annual CIC Art Secret Santa have arrived! Our members had just over a month to put together a gift for a fellow club member based on a prompt the gift receiver provided, here are some examples of gifts people got under the tree this year.

"A raptor chasing an insect" by Scott (@mothercode on IG) for Elena

"Interpretation of my favourite song ( Tres Brujas by The Sword )" by Nathanael (@nathanaelwhale on IG) for Cameron

“Britney Spears doing a sick kickflip on a skateboard whilst yelling yeet” by Gabby ( @gabbydrawsstuff on IG ) for Natasha

"80's aesthetic" by Sarah ( @azurevoltage on IG ) for Megan

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